Capital punishment research paper
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Description: Capital Punishment Research Paper - Questions & Problems

Capital punishment research paper

To retain the death penalty in the face of the demonstrable failures of the system is unacceptable, especially since there are no strong overriding reasons to favor the death penalty. Indeed, the unmistakable worldwide trend is toward the complete abolition of capital punishment. In recent years, it has been argued that such flagrant racial discrimination is a thing of the past. Even when they do comprehend, jurors often refuse to be guided by the law. In such cases, violence is inflicted by persons unable to appreciate the consequences to themselves as well as to others. Starting with selecting the trial jury, murder trials take far longer when the ultimate penalty is involved. The chamber is sealed, and cyanide is dropped into the acid to form a lethal gas. While it does not explicitly prohibit capital punishment, the treaty does forbid the intentional infliction of pain. Finally, the governor had to stop the execution and grant the inmate a one week reprieve. If one takes into account all the relevant costs, however, just the reverse is true. Approximately two minutes later, we were told by a prison official that the execution was complete. The study examined the costs of death penalty cases to prosecutor offices, public defender offices, courts, and correctional facilities. The estimate is conservative, the paper says, because it assumes only one capital trial for each defendant and it does not include the cost of cases in which the death penalty was sought but not imposed. Thus, the study concluded that defendants with low representation costs were more than twice as likely to receive a death sentence. Unlike any other criminal punishments, the death penalty is irrevocable.

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